Hey! You’ve found us! Maybe it was through a friend, a search engine or even a Facebook group but whichever way you found us - we are happy to welcome you to our site! 

What exactly is ThisWeeksDesigns and what do we do? Well, our aim is to offer premium, high quality graphic design resources at a fraction of their retail cost! We are a group of designers who first and foremost, simply love designing! Buying new resources was a constant drain on our bank accounts and when we had to decide between that new font we MUST have and our favourite latte and crispy pastry…we decided enough was enough and started this site.

How can we offer fonts and resources for such a low price? The answer is simple really, time! We only offer each product at its huge discount for a limited period of time. This means that once the week is up, you can no longer purchase that item for such a low price and it is removed from the site. So if you really love something, don’t hesitate and grab it quick - before it’s gone for good or you’ll have to purchase it elsewhere for a much higher price.

We will be aiming to release around 50-100 new products, to run exclusively for one week only, every Monday. So Monday’s you really want to be logging in and checking whats cooking over here. The discounts will be up to 92% off their regular retail price and once they expire, you will no longer be able to purchase them (sorry!). 

Not only will we be offering some of the best Fonts on the market but they will be alongside Graphics, Craft files, Mock ups, Logo templates, Menu designs, Card templates, Wedding invitation templates, and add ons (which include items such as Pro Create brushes, Layer Styles, Actions and Gradients for programs like PhotoShop, Illustrator and Lightroom).

Want to know who’s behind the site and all of your customer service emails, tech responses and new uploads? Feel free to reach out and say hey to…:

Stuart - Marketing Guru

The original founder of, Stuart has many years of experience in building helpful websites for the graphic design community. As a font and web designer himself, he wants ThisWeeksDesigns to bring members of the community together with their shared passions of all things design.

Not only will he be personally overseeing every aspect of the site to ensure things run smoothly and happily, he will also be creating unique and exclusive designs just for TheWeeksDesigns and you don’t want to miss them!

A little fact about Stu:

They say all designers run on coffee and chaos, however Stuart may be the walking contradiction to that comment. Not only is he incredibly organised in his work he would much rather a cup of tea than a cup of Joe. This could possibly be his britishness rearing its head in a big way or maybe he’s from another planet? Either way, the rest of the office very much see coffee as life.


Charlotte - Customer Service Queen

Charlotte is the kind and calm responder to all of your emails. Whether you are having a technical issue with installing a file, or simply have a question you’d love answering, Charlie can assist you! She aims to respond to all emails the same day, however if this is simply not possible, you’ll be sure to get a friendly response within 24 hours. If you can’t find the answer on our help pages then drop her a message and she’ll be happy to help!

A little fact about Charlotte:

As much as Charlotte loves design and all things tech, her real one true love is her puppy called Gizmo (Yes, Gremlins happens to be one of her favourite childhood films!). He is a sprightly springer spaniel with the same brown and white colourings as the Gizmo from the film and just as adorable! We love when he visits the office and he even has his own chair and treats jar!


Elijah - Software Ninjaneer

We are happy to admit that not all of what Elijah says completely computes with us. The man knows more computer jargon and technical terms than we know fabulous fonts (and that’s a LOT!). He is our superstar when it comes to coding and technical 'stuff'. Any fun and helpful feature you use or see on the site was built by his hands and should you wish to see any other features or functionality on ThisWeeksDesigns, then drop Charlotte an email with your suggestion and we will bring it up at the next team meeting and see what this software ninjaneer can do.

A little fact about Elijah:

Although he is an absolute legend when it comes to fixing bugs on any piece of software or site, he actually has a small phobia of real life bugs! Namely, the dreaded praying mantis! After coming face to face with one as a four year old and the little cutie (the mantis) refusing the let go of Elijahs head.. he now gives any one he sees as VERY wide berth.. sometimes even crossing the street to avoid one. Don’t worry Elijah, we won’t get one as an office pet… we promise!


Amelia - Senior Store Superhero

Amelia is our real life Wonderwoman! Not only does she recruit the stores and designers you see on the site but she ensures that all of those designers are looked after just as well as our customers. She actually works with two screens at once and as much as that makes our head spin, it seems to work well for her and she is literally twice as fast as we even aim to be! If you’re a store and want to get in touch or have any questions or queries, simply direct them to Amelia and you will get a clear and concise answer.

A little fact about Amelia:

An avid nature lover, Amelia can be found hiking mountains (yes really!) in her spare time or foraging for goodies. We have had many a gift from her adventures and love seeing what new place she has uncovered on her travels! Not just a lover of the hills and valleys, she also loves a great beach day and is a keen surfer! She tried to teach the team and the hilarity that involved and the photos will remain a happy memory, forever!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about our our team. If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach us on email at [email protected]